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What is the Leisure Time Service?

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This program aims to help people who have hearing disabilities providing them with means and incentives to engage/participate in activities, allowing the growth of the expression, communication, creativity and critical sense. It also tries to give users options for personal development, training and social participation through the creation of meeting spaces

Our experience

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Leisure and cultural activities have been part of the association since its foundation. In fact, during the very first years of the entity, deaf people used to meet to enjoy their free time together.

Around that time, members used to organise events, activities, competitions and meetings in collaboration with other deaf people associations from different provinces, as a way to promote associationism.

As time went by, and due to the increase of members, and to changes produced in the society and in its structure, the leisure service established its own organisational system within ASORNA, under the term “cultural section”.

Since 2005, ASORNA has been working to help deaf people get integrated and have presence in activities organised by different institutions of the province. In 2009, the women commission, which organises leisure and cultural activities for deaf women, and the youth commission set off.

Who can access?

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Any person with a hearing disability, his or her relatives, friends, students from sign language courses, etc.

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How to access?

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