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What do we do?

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Sign language department works in two different scopes: Sign language teaching and sign language and deaf culture spreading.

In sign language teaching we can find:

These courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) through National Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE) guidelines. In the case of public organizations or companies we also offer customized courses on request.


Our experience

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LSE teaching in Navarre commemorated its 30th anniversary in 2008, and ASORNA is the only organization that has been in charge of this issue within the province.

In 1976 Jesús Ayerra, who was already working as a LSE teacher at the National Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE) and was a good friend of Carmen Igal, president of ASORNA at that time, volunteered to come to Pamplona every weekend to give LSE lessons. That first group of students was quite small and most of them were closely related to deaf people. Apart from Madrid, Navarre was the first province where sign language courses were set out. Later on, José Miguel Ardanaz stood in for Mr. Ayerra. ASORNA still keeps that old teaching material published in 1985, which was called “mimic course”.

In 1994 an American method was established and adapted to Spanish deaf culture with the name of “Vista” and it was renewed in 1997.

In 2000 the CNSE created new teaching resources named “Signar” that consist of books and videos or DVD’s according to three different levels. Besides, it focused on implementing measures to improve the training of new LSE teachers as a means of getting a professional teaching in order to raise quality standards.

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Since 2013 Association teaches sign language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), approved by National Confederation of Deaf People ( CNSE), and we use CNSE Foundation materials.


Who can access to the service?

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LSE Communication courses: everyone

Customized courses (on request): public organizations and companies.

Sign Language and Deaf Culture spreading: any public organization or company that wishes deaf awareness and information activities can ask for this service.

Sign language courses

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Courses for hearing people:

According to CEFRL, they are for people interested in learning our language.

Courses for public organizations or companies:

Customized courses can whether follow CEFRL or be adapted to different time and contents needs.

Courses for deaf people and their families:

These courses are sponsorized by Navarre?s Government and they are addressed to anybody with disability certificate due to hearing loss (33% minimum) and their closest relatives or legal guardians.

Sign Language and Deaf Culture spreading

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Library and video library: We have a wide range of specific materials on different topics such us Deaf Community, its social and cultural environment, sign language and hearing disability.

Awareness activities: At schools, high schools, universities, public institutions or companies, and events related to education, linguistics, disabilities or Deaf Community.

Literacy teaching (Spanish Sign Language) within the Comprehensive Educational Project for Deaf People.

We consider deaf people’s education from a perspective that promotes their whole development; that is the reason why we want to offer deaf children and their families a visual language as a resource to enhance communication. It is also a tool that enables them to improve their thinking strategies in order to help the acquisition of both cognitive and affective competences.

Nowadays immigration can be seen as a new social challenge to cope with. ASORNA takes advantage of its experience to achieve deaf immigrants and families’ integration through LSE learning, as generally they are only fluent in their home countries sign language.

Information: If you have any question about Deaf Community or its language; or if you just feel curious about any specific topic, we can inform you properly, do not hesitate to visit us.

How to contact?

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