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Who are we - ASORNA’s History


ASORNA’s History

ASORNA’s foundation and path

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In 1955 Deaf People did not have their own place, so they used to gather at Juan Olorón Serrano’s house. He was the association’s founding president.

This group of Deaf People was introduced to associactive activity thanks to Juan Luís Marroquín collaboration, Marroquín was president of the then so called Spanish Deaf-mute Federation and he assisted in managing the Association official registration, elaborating the statutes and asking for financial resources.

On March 5th, 1957, statutes were established in a meeting where twenty people took part. Fifteen days later Government approved the establishment of the current ASORNA under the name Navarre’s Deaf-mute Association.

Throughout its history the Association has changed its head office three times. Nowadays it is located in a flat loaned by Pamplona’s Town Council.

Name and statutes changes

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In fifty years ASORNA has changed its name three times, the first one was the aforementioned Navarre’s Deaf-mute Association, becoming Navarre’s Deaf Association in 1983. Its present name, Navarre’s Deaf People Association was taken in 2004.

On the other hand, 1957 first statutes have suffered three subsequent reforms (in 1966, 1983 and, the last one, in 2004) in order to adapt them to different legislation on associations. They had always maintained their original philosophy of defending deaf people rights, promoting their quality of life and spreading Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

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