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Deaf People Sports Club (CDS).

What is the Deaf People Sports Club?

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The CDS is a sports club for deaf people. At the beginning it was called Sports Group of deaf people in Navarra and was registered as a club in the Superior Sports Council, in 1983, building up its own legal entity. In 1993, the CDS is registered with that name by the Sports and Youth Institute of Navarra. It is member of the Spanish Sports Federation for deaf people (FEDS) and the Federation of Adapted Sports of Navarra.

Our experience

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Many different sportive activities have been organized by the Deaf People Sports Club in Navarra, such as football (indoors and outdoors), mountain bike, bowling, athletics… Deaf people have also participated in all these activities in Spanish championships, getting good marks. Through the FEDS and the Spanish selections of different sports they have taken part in international competitions for deaf people, as it has been done with football.

Who is it aimed to?

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To anyone with a certificate of at least 33% of hearing disability. It is not necessary to be a member of ASORNA.

What kind of sports can you take part in ?

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You can only participate in sports related to FEDS.

Want to participate? Contact us!

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