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Navarre’s Deaf People Association (ASORNA) is firmly committed to web accessibility and it has developed an interface so that its contents may be available to as many users as possible, regardless of their disability status.

The aim is to facilitate as much as possible the universal access. In order to achieve that, during the website construction, technology standards established by the W3C and WAI Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 have been regarded, trying to satisfy the AAA level of accessibility requirements.

It has been designed so that access to their content is very simple, to the extent that site map structure fits in with the main menu.


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We advise to allow ActiveX in order to view the video, if the browser requires this permission. This message is usually on the top of your browser.

If video is not displayed correctly or the browser is not allowed to load this kind of content deliberately, as an alternative, a link to download the videos has been provided.

These videos are larger than those included into the website and they will be displayed depending on your operating system player. This means that any user, including those who view the videos correctly on the website, can watch them in a larger size, full screen, whenever they want.

Keyboard shortcuts commands

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Keyboard shortcuts have been enabled, so specific users can speed up navigation. To use these shortcuts, we must use the combinations keys depending on the browser we are using. Here are some cases:

Keyboard shortcuts enabled

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In order to provide this information, in addition to the list below, menu links show the keyboard shortcuts information when you hold the mouse still over the link and the pointing finger appears.

Keyboard shortcuts enabled are:


These shortcuts are especially helpful for navigating using screen readers or without a mouse. They allowed you to go from text content to the menu and viceversa using only the keyboard.

Text size

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All standard Web browsers include different options to extend or reduce page elements. More and more browsers have also included the option to increase the entire page visibility, as well as the option, which already existed, of increasing just the text size. Access to these options depends on the browser used and their upgrades versions. We recommend using the "help" tab from each browser to access this information.

Style sheets

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The website is designed with a visual style that determines font sizes, colors, design elements, etc. However, some users prefer or need to disable the style associated with the website. ASORNA’s page allows the deactivation maintaining consistency of contents in its structure. The way to disable the page style also varies depending on the browser and version.

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